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Hi! I'm Kim and I think we just became best friends.


As a homeowner it can be extraordinarily difficult to create and maintain clean, organized, and functional living spaces.

Being a homeowner and mother-of-three myself, I understand the challenges that everyday life brings and how these challenges tend to push organizing one's home way down on the list of priorities. However, as a professional organizer, I also understand the power that a tidy home brings to all who reside within it. When living spaces are organized, homeowners are able to feel less stressed, optimize their free time, and lead more efficient lives. 

Interested in learning more about how we can help you in your home organization journey?

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Kim is AMAZING! She and her team have gotten me through a major move from a large home to an apartment that I would have never gotten through by myself! She has the best ideas for organizing and found thoughtful small organizations to donate many of our things for people in need. Highly recommended for anyone who struggles with organizing living spaces! Thank you Kim!  

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Kim was amazing. She really listened to what I was hoping to accomplish and actually made it functional for a family. I am so happy with the transformation of my pantry!

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Kim's help has truly been a blessing for me! I moved into my condo right at the beginning of COVID and just became discouraged and overwhelmed with getting things decluttered and organized. Kim's gentle but firm guidance helped me get on track and we collaborated on ways for me to maintain, which have been spot on! Kim is one of those special people who show up exactly when you need them. 

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