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     ... the four-Day
hall closet organizing
challenge is here!

Has your hallway closet gotten completely out of control?

Are your shelves overflowing with towels, medicine bottles, bulk showering supplies, and other items that have just been haphazardly thrown in over time?

Are you confident in your ability to get the job done if only you had some step-by-step guidance, accountability, and motivation? 

are you ready to get
your hallway closet organized and setup for long-term success?   

Closet Organization After.jpg
Closet Organization Before.jpg

as a member of this $17 challenge, you will...

Admission fee for this challenge is $17


Thanks for submitting!

Peach Minimal Customer Testimonial Review Instagram Post (38)_edited_edited.png

be guided through the steps of decluttering, functionally space planning, and organizing the

items in your hallway storage closet

be invited to a private Facebook group to receive

daily live coaching, connect with the other women

in the challenge, and to establish accountability 

earn entries for actively participating in the challenge for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card (which in itself pays for the challenge!)

join before the cart closes on May 29th!

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