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Make 2023 Your Most Organized Year Yet

Is 2023 going to be your year to finally get organized?

I know it sounds cliché, but the start of a new year always brings that feeling of fresh beginnings… Of setting new goals and laying out the plans to reach them. So if one of your goals for the upcoming year is to reclaim the spaces in your home by decluttering and organizing in ways that allow you to feel more comfortable in your surroundings, then I’d love to share some of my favorite tools, products, and tips that could help you on your journey!


My Top Tool for Success

If you’re looking for some tools to use to effectively organize your home, my top suggestion would be to invest in a label maker. Using labels makes such a difference in being able to create zones in your home, which, in turn, support you in being able to find and put away items precisely where they belong. Not only does labeling spaces in your home help you to live more efficiently and productively, but it also serves as a guide for the other members of your family to know how to keep your organized spaces looking and feeling the way you desire them to.

Here are two of my favorite label makers:

  1. Brother P-Touch PTM95: This battery-operated, portable label maker allows you to print on 12 mm (half-inch) tape in various colors (depending on the tape color you purchase). It's a more simple model but it works well, is easy to use, and gets the job done when labeling smaller spaces. You can get this label maker and its tape at Staples for $28.

  2. Brother P-Touch Cube Plus: If you're interested in a label maker that prints in various sizes and fonts, is portable, and does not require batteries (hallelujah!), then the Brother P-Touch Cube Plus is the one to invest in! This machine connects to an app on your phone that allows you to create professional-looking labels on tape up to 24mm (1 inch) wide. Check out this organizer favorite here on Amazon! (*associate link)


My Favorite, Budget-Friendly Storage Options

When it comes to organizing your home, I highly recommend placing like-items into bins or baskets whenever possible. Although it is not always necessary to do this, using containment really helps to keep items in the spaces they belong in, as well as keeps them from toppling over like dominoes when being reached for.

You can find a lot of high-quality and reasonably-priced containment options for just about any space in your home from Target's Brightroom collection. Some of my favorite bins include the open front clear bin which runs at $12 per unit, the water hyacinth milk crate which starts at $15, and the Y-weave storage basket which comes in various sizes and colors to fit your home's aesthetic. The icing on the cake is that these containers range in price from $4 to $9 each!

Many of these pieces were used to transform this laundry closet and this children's dresser storage area. Click the links for some instant organizing inspo!

Another great way to get and stay organized this new year is to invest in some storage totes with latching handles. Yes, cardboard boxes work just fine when it comes to storing things like childhood memorabilia, photo albums, and seasonal decor; however, it can be frustrating not being able to see exactly what’s inside of cardboard boxes, and moving them around without a side handle ripping or a top popping open is almost inevitable.

If you’re looking to create more organized systems in your home's storage area, I would recommend these totes from... can you guess where? Yup, Target's Brightroom collection. They come in various sizes which helps to create a seamless look while storing items both big and small. The latching handles provide more security and stability than a cardboard box ever will, which also encourages safety when placing items up high... no broken box bottoms here!

A third great storage option (not to mention, my all-time favorite) is a Lazy Susan. You can use one of these turntables in almost every space of your home to make accessing items simpler and to keep them from knocking each other down. Be sure to measure the space you plan on putting a Lazy Susan in before purchasing as they come in various sizes. This one from Amazon (*associate link) is my absolute fav and works perfectly for storing cleaning products under the sink on. The larger edge keeps cleaning bottles from falling over, which used to be the bane of my existence! Lazy Susan turntables can also be used to store cooking oils, craft supplies, office supplies, makeup, etc.


My Top Mindset Tip

If you’re interested in beginning your home organizing journey in 2023, my number one tip for you would be to adopt a small-wins mindset.

When you adopt a small-wins mindset, you shift from looking at completing the whole task as something to celebrate to looking at completing small bits of the task as something to celebrate.

Switching my perspective on getting laundry done for my family of five to one of small-wins completely eliminated the stress I used to feel about this super mundane responsibility. I won't go into details here, but you can read more about the laundry mindset shift I made in this former blog post!


I hope the information shared here will help you to feel more motivated to dive into 2023 with more interest in getting your home more organized. Of course these are only a few of my favorite tools, products, and tips, so if you'd like more home organization inspiration, be sure to befriend me on Instagram and Facebook! I hope to meet you there!

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