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Pretty Organized: How to Organize with Style

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

I’ll be the first to admit that the most important step in creating an organized home is to go through the decluttering process; after all, you need to know which items you'll be hanging onto in order to develop the best, most functional systems for organizing them, right?

However, another step that I find to be extremely important is to ensure the space will look the way you want it to for years to come.

Yeah, I'm talking about making your space organized AND pretty.

Developing a vision for the spaces I'm hired to organize is actually the first thing I do. I've learned that in being a perfectionist ADHDer, if I don't start with a specific vision in mind, I will suffer from overanalyzing every product on the market and wondering whether or not something else would have looked or functioned better. Like, I will literally ruminate on it for weeks. Maybe even months. So, in order to keep myself from falling into the "analysis paralysis" trap, I cast a vision before beginning a new project, firm it up with the woman I'm working with, and then get to work.

Making a newly-organized space aesthetically-pleasing encourages my client to better maintain and take pride in it. How do I know this, you ask? Because when she calls me back to assist her with an additional space in the home, I'm always impressed when I peek at the previous room and see how well she has kept up with it!

In the remainder of this post, I'm going to share how I go about making the spaces I declutter and organize with my clients both functional and beautiful.


Step 1: Cast of vision for the space.

Which colors are you looking to infuse into your future space? How can you mix textures to make the space come to life? Looking around your home, in magazines, on Google, or in other places that inspire you, create a little vision board that reflects the look you're going for. You can do this by saving screenshots of images on your phone or by physically printing pictures of rooms you admire the appearance of. Casting your vision will give you the first bit of motivation to get your target space looking like the one you’ve been dreaming of.


Step 2: Declutter.

You have the vision… Now it’s time to start on the path to actualizing it. As mentioned before, the most important part of any organizing job is to start with decluttering. By getting rid of items that you no longer want, need, or have a specific purpose or intention for, you’ll be able to make room for the things you will be holding onto and requiring access to in the target space.

Decluttering Tip: Give yourself one to two rules to follow in regards to discarding and donating that you can easily follow through with. Having black and white, clear-cut rules will assist you in staying focused and with making decisions that once seemed overwhelming and borderline impossible.


Step 3: Measure and sketch.

Sketch out your space using a markered outline. Add your measurements to your sketch in pencil, and then figure out where your "Keep" items should go. Store items that are used frequently between waist- and eye-level, heavy items down low, and items that are lighter, lesser-used, or that you want out of reach of children up high. By taking the time to plan out where each category of items should live in the space, you’ll be able to strengthen your overall vision for it.


Step 4: Order and set your product.

It's time to revisit that gorgeous vision you cast back in Step 1. Using the colors and textures in your saved pictures, get to shopping!

Ordering Tip: Check out stores like Target, Big Lots, TJ Maxx, or Marshall's for budget-friendly containment options. The clear fridge bins pictured below are all from Target's insanely-affordable Brightroom collection!

Take the time to move items around while they’re still empty to figure out which color and texture scheme looks and feels the best for you. I would suggest mixing three colors and at least two textures within each space, as well as buying more product than you think you'll need in order to be able to play with the placement of things.


Step 5: Put everything away.

Now that you have the layout and plans set and ready to go, you can replace the items that remain in your “Keep" categories into the spaces they will be living in.

Remember to throw a label onto any piece of containment that is solid in color or that you feel you'll need to specify the contents of. Using labels really assists in the likelihood of you maintaining your newly-organized space!

(pssst... if you want to treat yourself to a set of the gorgeous bin label clips pictured here, click away!)* Associate link


There you have it, friend. When you're ready to organize a space in your home, don't discount the power of making it both functional and beautiful. Spending the time to set a vision, plan out your space, and purchase storage options that match up with that vision are what will bring it into reality!

...and if you still feel you need help with creating your dream space, click the button below to set up a free phone, virtual, or in-person consultation with me!

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