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Storage Solutions for Any Spice Cabinet

When I am hired to organize a kitchen for a client, the spice cabinet tends to be one of the most disorganized spaces I come across. Three of the most common issues I see include the following:

  • Too many spices.

  • Little to no storage options.

  • The cabinet becoming a "catch all" space in the kitchen.

If you feel your spice cabinet has fallen victim to one or more of these issues, know two things: 1) you are not alone and 2) that a solution does exist!

Want to know how to make your spice cabinet a more functional, beautiful, and organized space? Keep reading to find out!


Issue #1: Your cabinet has too many spices.

I think we have all experienced the following situation, but I'll ask the question anyway: Have you ever come across a recipe that calls for a random spice, so you go out and purchase the spice, use it to prepare that one meal, and then realize you will most likely never use it again?

C'mon, you know you have!

Well, what ends up happening to that spice? It gets placed in the cabinet anyway and...can you guess? Is never used again. Not only do our spice cabinets bulk up because of situations such as this one, but they also fill up with accidental rebuys and seasonal flavorings (ie. pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon sticks).

The first step to creating a more functional and organized spice cabinet is to thin it out. By taking the time to go through your current stock and tossing any spices that are expired, disliked by your tastebuds, or never-to-be-used-again, you will automatically create the space you need to be able to access the items you use most frequently.


Issue #2: You have little to no storage options.

Are you constantly finding jars and bottles toppling over like dominoes when you're trying to reach for the powdered garlic? Annoying, isn't it? One of the simplest and most impactful changes you can make to your spice cabinet is to invest in storage products that work. Some of my favorite products for spice cabinet organization include the following:

  • Tiered Spice Racks: Tiered spice racks allow you to organize your stock onto leveled shelves that enable you to see and access every single spice jar. These racks come in various colors and numbers of tiers, perfect for meeting your individual aesthetic and storage needs. You can also find adjustable options that accommodate cabinets of larger widths; for example, the tiered spice rack displayed in the photo below can expand up to 32" wide!

  • Lazy Susans: Lazy Susan turntables are great for storing larger, bulkier spice bottles and cooking oils. Instead of having to reach behind other items and risking knocking them over, Lazy Susans allow you to grab what you need with a simple swipe of a turntable. These organizers come in various colors and sizes to easily fit into any spice cabinet. You can also find tiered options that hold even more and take advantage of the vertical space in your cabinet.

  • 3M Command Caddies: 3M Command brand caddies come in three sizes and can be easily added to the inside door of your spice cabinet. Not only do these caddies provide more storage options for your spice stock, but using them helps you to take advantage of this vastly forgotten cabinet space. If you have a smaller spice cabinet and really need to find ways to maximize the space, this is a great (and inexpensive!) solution for you!


Issue #3: Your spice cabinet has become a "catch all" space in your kitchen.

Spices, junk mail, batteries, oh my! Because your spice and cooking oil collection may take up only one or two shelves inside of your designated kitchen cabinet, that leftover space tends to become a "catch all" for items that you don't want landing on your kitchen counter. Am I right?

If this is the case for you, I would encourage you to create more function and flow by filling that extra space with items that may comfortably "live" with spices. These items may include cooking oils, baking ingredients, or cookbooks. Of course this would mean finding new homes for all of those random goodies that are now without a home, but if your goal is to create a more useful, focused, organized, and beautiful spice cabinet, then you have to commit to change. Build the habit of tossing junk mail straight away or placing those coupons right into your purse; buy a battery box to store in your junk drawer or garage space; put the nail polish away. Everything in your home can have it's own home, you just need to create it!


If you find that you are struggling with maintaining and/or creating an organized spice cabinet, I hope that the tips shared in this post can assist you! As always, if you are in need of virtual or in-person assistance with organizing your home, you know where to find me!

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