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Welcome to My Organized Life!

Hi there! Thanks for dropping in and showing some interest in little ol' me!

My name is Kim and--as you most likely know from finding me on this platform--I am the owner of the South Jersey-based home organization business, A Balanced Abode NJ. The funny this is, organizing is not that easy for me, and if you choose to follow along with me on this blogging journey, you will continue to learn more about why that is.


I may as well... might as well... (which one is it?)... begin with a full disclosure statement. I am a minimalist at heart. What does being a minimalist look like in my life? I do my best to only keep the amount of items that will fit into a designated space, and if I encounter any overflow, I will immediately grab a trash bag and pick another item to donate or discard. I am able to do this with no shame, no sadness, no thoughts of being wasteful. I personally choose to follow the "one in, one out" rule when it comes to pretty much any material object; if something new comes into the home, something old goes out. Period.

If hearing this is a total turn off to you, hang on just a sec. Having a minimalist mindset is simply what works for me. As a woman with combined-type ADHD (diagnosed) and OCD (yet to be diagnosed, but 100% true), having too many items around causes me to experience anxiety, increased distractibility, and physical discomfort. My brain literally cannot help but to be overwhelmed by busy settings, which is especially hard to manage now that I am the proud owner of three small humans whose favorite activities include, but are not limited to, dumping out bins of toys and running away and using the space between the couch cushions as literal trash cans. So... in order to feel comfortable in my own skin, I need to create a home environments that work for me, not against me, hence my minimalist approach to living.


With that being said, I am not using this space to force my minimalist lifestyle upon any of my readers; instead, it will be used as a place to:

  1. Provide more depth on home organization tips than an Instagram caption can handle.

  2. Share ways to develop more flow and functionality into your living spaces.

  3. Give strategies for maintaining tidy spaces (whatever "tidy" may mean to you).

  4. Connect with and maybe even empower other women living with ADHD/OCD.

  5. Dump out my thoughts so that they don't get stuck in my brain (writing seems to really help with that).

I hope that following my blog will help you to feel more confident in your ability to become organized, interested in making your living spaces work better for you, and know that although the struggle is real, you are not struggling alone! I am looking forward to connecting with you more personally as time goes by!


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