Declutter Coaching

 Work one-on-one with an unbiased organizer to declutter a space in your home. Each session will be individualized based on your comfort level and delivered without judgement. This service includes donation cart-away.


-3 hour minimum-

-$65 per hour-

Virtual Assistant

Work virtually with an organizer to measure, space plan,

product plan, and organize a space in your home. You will receive a shopping cart of all 

the suggested products along with a detailed setup plan for the space.

-$100 product research fee-

-hourly rate applies-

Home Organization

After getting to know you and your design aesthetic through a free in-home consultation, all measurements will be taken

and a service estimate will be provided. All products will be  reviewed with you before the project begins. This service includes donation cart-away.

-3 hour minimum-

-hourly rate applies-

Refresh Service

For returning clients:

Does your previously-organized space need a little sprucing up?

Contact us to schedule our

room refresh service and we'll help to make your space look and feel new again! A 10% discount will be applied at the conclusion of the service.

Relocation Service

Take the stress out of packing, unpacking, and organizing your new space by having a professional organizer do the job for you! All packing materials will be purchased on your behalf as part of this service.

-hourly rate applies-

-summer availability-

Donation Cart-Away

Do you want to help others in your local community? All items able to be donated at the provided service time will be carted away for you. All donations will be offered to a local non-profit establishment.

*only items from the service being provided may be carted away for free